Saturday, October 14, 2006

Beautiful Saturday

I know there probably has been a more beautiful Saturday, but I can't recall one. Jilda is in class this weekend so Ol' Buddy and I have been on our own. After we had our coffee and breakfast, we headed up to the Blackwater Bluegrass festival on the Blackwater River.
I pulled up behind the stage near the water and parked in the shade. I could smell wood smoke from a campfire near by. Passing by one of the campsites, I heard sweet music on the air like a butterfly. You could hear water rushing over rocks at a small set of rapids on the Blackwater and the sound was so soothing I could have laid down in the shade and taken a nap right then and there.
I saw some of my old friends there. They were just getting out and about after a late night of campfire jamming. If you've never camped at a bluegrass festival you haven't lived. Even if you don't care for bluegrass music, the setting, the people and the food is worth the effort.
On the way back home, we passed a patch of yellow daisies and I stopped to shoot a picture.
I'm stayed with my mom this evening so that my sister can get out of the house for a while. Mamma had the game on. She's a big Alabama fan. The Tide played well, but so did Ol' Miss and we won in overtime by the hair of our chinny-chin-chin.
The wind is still now as the sun makes its way towards the west. It will be chilly tonight. Soon we'll have to bring all our plants inside. We have lemon, grapefruit, avocado, mango and a ton of other plants that turn our living room into a green house. People probably think we're crazy but I like it. We've had many of our plants for years. Jilda has one tropical plant that she got from her mother Ruby. Ruby got it from her mother Wilmer Roberts. I remember the plant on Ruby's front porch when we started dating in 1968. It was full grown then.
They will stay inside by the front windows of our living room until after the last frost next spring.
I looked on Google Analytics today and this blog has readers from all over the world. ...several in Australia. It's springtime there now if I'm not mistaken. I hope the people there are having a beautiful Saturday too.

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