Thursday, October 05, 2006

Out of Touch

Tonight may be the first day since early December that I haven’t published an entry to my blog. Cable is off all across central Alabama and I feel a little isolated. My niece Samantha called me in a tizzy. What’s going on…..I can’t get my email….I can’t instant message…none of my friends know my telephone number!!! I guess you’ll have to play with your dog, I counseled. She sniffed and hung up on me. Apparently, she was not amused with my analog approach to entertainment.
Jilda made pasta mozzarella cheese black olives, and herbs we grow on the porch. I popped in a DVD of Northern Exposure (my absolute all-time favorite TV show) , poured a glass of red wine and we watched the episode about Thanksgiving. I love the idea of the small town in the show. In Cicily, Alaska they celebrate life. They are slow to judge and quick to see the good in their neighbors.
After dinner we retired to the living room where Jilda is reading a book and I’m writing out this entry to be posted when we get connectivity. On the stereo is “A Place Without Noise”. It’s piano music that is soothing and non-intrusive. Ol’ Buddy is curled up with his head on my leg.
Today was interesting in that I saw a really nice sunrise this morning and one the way home, there was a spectacular sunset. You don’t often see both in the same day.
Tomorrow’s Homecoming at Dora High School. I’ll be shooting pictures tomorrow afternoon at the parade and then tomorrow night at the game.
Maybe cable will be back on before then.

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