Monday, October 16, 2006

Happy Rain

The rain came down in sheets tonight as we made our way home from Yoga class. We weren't sure anyone would show up in this kind of weather but several did.
The rain started at mid afternoon and by the time I headed for home I got drenched even with an umbrella the size of a two-man tent because 30 mile an hour gusts out of the west was blowing the rain sideways. Oh well, a little rain never hurt anyone.
Driving home, I almost let myself get stressed because people were driving much too fast for the road conditions, but I remembered to breathe.
Looking out a rain streaked window made the world look like one big impressionist painting. I was listening to a piece of classical music with violins and cellos with a melody that was haunting and dark. It somehow compressed time or put me in a state of light hypnosis because I was home before I knew it.
Our big black Labrador was outside and soaked to the bone. We usually let our dogs stay inside when the weather is bad but he apparently had slipped out of the back yard unnoticed when the sun was shining this morning. He was glad to see me when I drove up. He loves the water, but he don't like the rain.
As I sit here writing tonight I can hear the rain ticking on my window and at times there is a drone on the roof that will make for good sleeping tonight.
So happy rain to you all.

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