Saturday, October 28, 2006

Pirate Party

All I can say is it's a good thing I don't have a backhoe on my tractor because there is a maple tree in my neighbor's yard that would be in my yard tonight. That tree is magnificent....."I'm not sure what happened officer, I was taking some cold medicine and when I drove by that tree, something just snapped and I had to dig it up and plant it in my yard." "Save it for the judge," he would most likely say.
Today Buddy and I took a load of garbage to the dump. There must have been 30 trucks lined up to toss their trash. Ol' Buddy wanted to get out and explore but he has a nasty habit of rolling in foul smelling things so I made him stay in the truck. Her leaned up against the side window and licked the glass. Not sure what that was about. He is a strange little creature.
This evening we went to my nephew Stone's birthday party. He's three and he had a Pirate Party. All the kids had painted faces, eye patches and plastic swords. They dug for treasure and other activities involving gold coins.
By the time we got there, they were cranked up on cake, and some kind of electric blue Koolade stuff and they were bouncing off the walls. I tried unsuccessfully to get a few of them to stand still long enough for a photo but it was futile. They did try to make me walk the plank. I couldn't really understand what they were saying but I got the gist of what they wanted. I declined. You can never predict what will happen when you get a bunch of kids who have consumed enough sugar to throw a full grown man into diabetic coma.
They were having a large time. Andrea (Stone's Mom) was sitting on the couch and looked as if she was on her last leg. She's pregnant with her third child and I think she was ready for this party to be over. One of the kids asked as he was walking out the door to go home "can we do this again tomorrow?" Andrea did not respond, but I could almost hear what she was thinking....."not on your life kiddo."

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  1. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Rick , you gave me my first laugh of the day when i read about the pirate party. I really enjoy your blog everyday. Thanks!


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