Sunday, October 15, 2006

You Can't Go Broke Making a Profit

I was just watching "Dirty Dancing" (it's one of Jilda's favorite movies) and Patrick Swayze's car was a 1957 Chevy. I had one of those cars. I bought it for $75 a few months before I got drafted. It was a 2 door hard top of the good ones. It had issues...a little rust, the motor smoked, the seats were torn, and the tires were bald, but it was a great car. It had a 283 ci engine with an automatic two-speed transmission. When you roll down the front and back glasses of that car, it looks like a million bucks.
I was broke as the ten commandments then so I sold that car before heading down to Montgomery on my way to basic training. I try not to think about that car. I got $500 dollars cash for it, but with a little work now, that car would be worth a great deal of money. They are routinely advertised in the $20 to $30 thousand dollar range. That would have been a pretty good investment.
Actually now that I think back, I made about 600% profit on the car so as my accountant says, you can't go broke making a profit....but I still wish I had all my old cars.

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