Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Paul Thorn

I took a vacation day today so Jilda and I went over to our friend Steve's house (the third member of The Overalls) to practice. We have a gig this weekend for the Arts Council in Opp, Alabama opening for Robinella ( I think I mentioned this yesterday) but we had fun at practice today. We are also doing some Folk Music/Song Writer sessions for the Elementary and Middle Schools there in Opp. Not sure how they will receive us, but we will expose them to Woody Guthrie, John Prine, as well as other American Folk songwriters.
As we were leaving, Steve loaned us Paul Thorn's CD. Paul is from Tupelo, Mississippi and is a remarkable songwriter and performer. I was literally blown away by his music. He has a blue'sy voice and his lyrics are both biting and poinient. Every song on the CD is awesome. I really can't believe that he is not a super star. Both Jilda and I once wrote for a small music newspaper in Birmingham called "The Snakeskin" and she talked to Paul who agreed to an interview for the paper. Unfortunately, the paper went under before we got to interval Paul. A few years ago, we played at the Whip-0-will Festival in north Alabama and Paul was there but Jilda and I had another commitment and could not stay. I can promise you this, we will see Paul Thorn as soon as humanly possible.

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