Thursday, October 12, 2006


I breathed a sigh of relief tonight when I read my email. I had not heard from Tate Shannyfelt in two weeks. Tate is the soldier in Iraq that has been doing the weekly Letters from Iraq for the website. He has really been consistent in his writing so I began to worry. I post the numbers each day on my website for those who lose their lives there. His last post was great! I was about the children of Iraq and how they are affected by the war.
When I didn't hear from him, I began to worry. I sent an email the day before yesterday but still heard nothing. This evening there was a note in my inbox (not from Tate) with the subject line of Tate heart skipped a beat. It was uncharacteristic of me, but I thought the worst. I quickly scanned the email and it was from his mother Janie. Tate had contacted her to say that he was on a mission about which he could not write. He said it had been really bad over there and that he was in a place where he could not stay in touch for a while.
I cannot describe to you the relief that washed over me.
I am so proud of Tate and all the soldiers serving there. They don't question the politics, they let others work that out. Their country asked them to serve and that's what they are doing. I was not in favor of this war but I have always supported our troops.
I want to make sure that our country treats these soldiers right when the war is over and they return home. I read in the paper today that a full 20 percent of the men and women serving there will come home with some kind of disability. I for one will use all the resources that I have to defeat ANY politician that does not support our troops when they come home.
OK, I'm off my soapbox....and Tate, when you read this, I want to have a throw-down in your honor when you return.


  1. Here too the Government likes claim that people not in favour of Australian involvement in Iraq are against the men fighting in the war. Not true, they are there to do their task at the behest of the government who employs them. Just because we don't agree with government policy does not mean we malign the men in the armed forces.


  2. Throwdown=PARTY!!!!!!


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