Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Flu Shot

I had an early morning appointment with my doctor. I needed some refills on my prescriptions and something for sinus gunk. I got a shot in the rear and a flu shot in the arm. I guess they didn't want the top of my body to feel left out. I was in and out rapidly and headed on to work. It was another beautiful day and the colors are definitely coming in. The Maples, Sweet Gum, Dogwood and the pink granite and the red sumac are really showing out. The Empire Road north toward the Interstate has some really good foliage and it's getting better by the day.
This evening I'm sitting with my mom while my younger sister gets a break. My mom's hearing went south years ago so she cranks the TV up full blast. What's worse, the intermissions are filled with political ads which are jacked up a few more decibels. The Bob Riley for Governor almost vibrated my laptop off the desk a few minutes ago. Election season can be brutal in Alabama.
These ads are quite creative. I know this may sound cynical, but there's been a lot of graft in the state and if anyone stays in office for very long, they will be accused of things. There's a good chance they are guilty of some things. It's hard to know the truth.....or if it exists in politics today.
We've been working on a new song the last few days. It's a song that sounds almost like a traditional song....one that has been handed down through the ages. We've approached this one a little differently. We recorded the melody several weeks ago and then decided on a concept. I spend a great deal of time commuting so I've been writing some of the lyrics in my truck. I have a small digital recorder and it has been almost like putting a puzzle together because once you have a melody, you know how many syllables it takes to fit the melody for a particular line. When I get some of it complete, I send it to Jilda via email for her to edit, adjust or delete and re-write as she sees fit. We're almost through so maybe I'll post the end results for a blog critique.
I'm feeling a little achy from the flu shot so I'm taking some Advil and lie down on the couch.

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