Monday, October 09, 2006

Colder Weather

The weatherman says colder weather is moving in. By Friday the temps won't get out of the 50's so it will be cool at the football game. Back when I was in high school, the games were held at Watkins Field behind the old high school. I remember when the weather turned off cold, there were 55 gallon steel drums with the tops cut off and they served as impromptu heaters. Someone would break up pieces of dried pine and cedar and get the fire started. Then people would drift down to warm their hands, drink hot coffee and watch the game through the wood smoke. When the fire burned down, someone would throw on more wood and sparks would shoot up into the night sky like fireflies.
They don't allow fires at the stadium now. They are probably fearful that some kid will burn their hand and sue the school. If I got too close to the fire and burned my hand, my daddy would have said "son, fire will often times burn you if you get too close, so don't get too close."
It might be a good time to pull those sweaters out of the moth balls and hang them outside to air before this weekend.

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