Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Remember to Breathe

I seem to work constantly and my ToDo list just keeps growing. Why is that? Sometimes it seems almost overwhelming but then I remember to breathe. I learned this from Jilda.
The wind gusted up to over 50 mph last night so my yard if full of limbs and leaves. There was so much rain, it somehow came through a vent and got under the house just in time for the pest control inspector today. He put it on "the report". I guess that means that it's now on my "permanent record". I could see them doubling my termite bond or terminating coverage all together, but just as my temples began to throb....I remembered to breathe.
We have a gig coming up this weekend in Opp, Alabama. We open for Robinella. She's a great performer who has had videos on T.V. and she's well know in music circles. Today I found myself getting anxious about the gig. I found it hard to concentrate on my work, but then I remembered to breathe.
You may see a pattern here. There is so much that comes at you each day...somethings are tough. But if you can put things in their proper perspective it seems to help
I was in a Steven Covey class called "What Matters Most" and it had some incredible advice. He suggested breaking your ToDo list down and placing things into 4 categories.
Important/Not Urgent
Not Important/Urgent
Not Important/Not Urgent
The Important/Urgent things are the things that you must do for your health or the well being of your family. See the doctor about a suspicious mole, or or fix a leak that's flooding your basement. If you don't take care of these things, it will hurt you.
The things that are Not Important/Urgent (a co-worker that is jumping up and down because you didn't do their report) prioritize them WAY down on your ToDo list.
The Not Important/Not Urgent, simple strike them off your list. No one cares if these things gets done or not.
Covey says you need to spend the greatest deal of time in the Important things that are Not Urgent. This is your education, exercising, writing letters to valued friends and customers. Taking your kids on a field trip.
Today I made me a Covey Matrix and divided my ToDo list out appropriately and I was surprised by the things that really fell into the Not Important/Not Urgent sector.
I sat back and breathed.


  1. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Funny how the things that seem most important to one person could be meaningless to another; then as you said some things we think are important really aren't that "bigga deal" afterall. My husband and girls dad died three years ago and really made me re-evaluate what I am living for, who I am living for and why I do the things I do....cheesy as it sounds! But nothing like death to shake you to the core! Thanks for the good read!

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