Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Exciting New Job

The first time I ever had Chinese food was in Central America when I was stationed in Panama. I obviously didn't speak Chinese and didn't speak Spanish that good either. I thought I was ordering egg roles and soup but they brought me some kind of fish with the head still attached. It had an accusing eye that stared at me no matter where I moved it on the table. It reminded me of a teacher I had in grammar school.....long story that I'll save for another time. Fortunately they also brought noodles which I did eat. I was mindful from then on about ordering Chinese in Spanish.
I was thinking about that fish this morning....not sure what could have prompted it, but there it was. So I started thinking about Chinese for lunch.
The dark clouds dispersed about mid-morning and I was ready for some sunshine. Hunan Gardens is not too far from where I work so I started ambling toward it on foot.
The sky was blue as a swimming pool. Big white puffy clouds were drifting lazily toward the east. The temperature was about 65 with a light breeze out of the west. The sun felt warm on my face and my spirits were high.
Hunan Gardens is a great little Chinese Restaurant with sudden service and killer Hot and Sour soup. I got what I always get when I go there - Moo Goo Guy Pan.
I sat alone, ate slowly looking at the ceiling, the art on the walls and the people eating there. It's one of my favorite past times....watching people I mean. I looked around but didn't see anyone having fish.
I paid my check and got a fortune cookie on the way out. It said "An exciting new job is about to present itself." Now that was good news indeed. Of course I always add two words to all my fortune cookies.......In bed. Try it the next time you read a fortune cookie. It adds an entirely new dimension to fortunes. "An exciting new job is about to present itself IN BED".


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