Monday, November 13, 2006

My Camera

I saw a black swan swimming on a pond before sunrise this morning. The fog was thick in places but when I saw the swan, I hit the breaks and started to reach for my camera but this morning a car was behind me. There are NEVER cars on that road in the early morning hours.....but this morning there was so I missed the photograph.
I have had a camera since the early 70's and when I worked for The Community News, I took my camera everywhere. I shot thousands of pictures.... and I have a plastic tub that is full of photographs to prove it.
But I got out of the habit and for several years the only time I shot photos was when we traveled. For the last year or so, I've gotten back into the groove and now I don't leave the house without my camera.
Last night after I posted my entry I had a few minutes so I hit the "Next Blog" button and jumped to a beautiful Blog by a lady who moved from California to 63 acre farm in Montana (I think). She does a picture of the day and these pictures are great! It was a joy reading over her daily experiences on the farm. She too has gotten into the habit of taking her camera with her. It's a good thing to do because you can never tell when you will see a rainbow, a tree, a deer, or a black swan.

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