Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sad News

It was overcast this morning and the wind out of the west was cool. We were sitting in the living room drinking coffee and reading when I happened to look out the french doors towards the barn. The Autumn breeze was blowing leaves across the field and it looked like a ticker-tape parade.
We got a call this morning from one of our oldest and dearest friends. She had found a lump last weekend and doctors removed it on Monday. The preliminary indication looked good but she got a call back from the lab on Friday with news that stung. The tears in Jilda's eyes told me more than I wanted to know. After she hung up Jilda managed to say "she's got breast cancer and......." but my mind would not accept any additional information.
I choose to believe that our friend will be fine. But it breaks my heart to think about all that she will have to go through before she can say "I'm a cancer survivor."
I know she will need a great deal of support. Jilda and I have been brain storming all day thinking of things we can do to help. If we can do one thing that gives her comfort or makes her burden a little easier to bear it will have been worth it.

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