Sunday, November 26, 2006

Vacation's Over

This afternoon we rode down to the home of our friends Tom and Judy who live on the Warrior River. It has been a beautiful day and we spent some time sitting in their new gazebo which is situated at the edge of the river. The sun was setting behind the hills and hollows and bathed the eastern bank with a crimson and golden light. As we sat there drinking coffee the reflection of that light off the water looked like a Cezanne painting. They don't make paint that color. It can only be mixed by God or artists with good eyes and pure hearts.
Fishermen puttered by in john boats in search of autumn bass. They waved in passing which is customary on the river. Folks that live on the river have their own little community. Often on weekends when people cruise lazily up and down the river they will pull up to "howdy up" with folks out sitting on their docks. They will pass some time just chatting about family happenings and rivers stuff.
It is a wonderful way to spend some time....I've come to learn is very difficult to feel stress on the river.
Today was the last day of my vacation and I can't think of a better way for it to end.

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