Friday, November 03, 2006

Mind Map Thinking

Today was a day of reflection for me. I just finished several projects at work and I found myself with an empty inbox. That was interesting. I had a stack of papers, and articles that I had promised myself I would read so today I read them. I updated my goals and returned correspondence that was long overdue. I pulled out my job description and read over it for the first time in recent memory.
I took a blank pad and some colored pens and started drawing out a sketch of the things I'd like to do at work. Some would call it doodling, but I prefer the term Mind Map. It's a phrase coined by Tony Buzan and it refers to a method of doing outlines, project plans, and ideas for improvements. It's fun because it's non linear. Usually when you're doing an outline you'll think of something you left out and you have to scrunch it in to make if fit or even redo the outline. With Mind Maps, you can draw a connecting line with an arrow to capture the new thought and then move on with what you were doing before. I've tried to get people that are dominate left-brain thinkers to do this and it drives them up a wall. They think the little pictures I draw are childish and they don't see the point. Right-brain thinkers usually steal my colored pens and take them off to do their own maps.
I looked back at a Mind Map today that I did over three years ago and I could remember in detail the entire project.
I would encourage young folks that are trying to get ahead in the business world to give Mind Maps a try.

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  1. How about 75-year old geezers? I'm going to check into it and see where it might help me. Thanks for the lead.


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