Thursday, November 02, 2006

Full Moon

The moon is almost full tonight. The dogs love the full moon because they can actually see the things that they were only able to hear when the rest of the month. It drives me crazy of course. I'll have to get up numerous times to scold them to make them quite down. It's a routine to which I have grown accustomed.
Tonight as I drove home the sun had already set and the mauve and crimson clouds hovered just above the horizon. I could see the tale-tale signs of jets dragging their silver vapor trails behind them like the tail of a kite. I counted no few than eight jets in my span of vision heading west towards the sun. It was a beautiful sight.
Tonight is Dora High School's final regular season game and it's going to be chilly. Thirty degrees with a 17 mile an hour breeze that will make Old Glory stand at attention and make the fans huddle and shiver. I'm going, but I'll be on the sidelines shooting pictures. The playoffs start next week with a home game against Deshler. That school always has a bunch of corn fed boys that are more healthy than most. It should be a good game.
My older sister is supposed to return from Burma tomorrow. She'll be jetlagged for weeks and cranky. I plan to give her a wide berth until she gets back on Alabama time.
Y'all have a great Thursday night.

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