Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Little Help From My Friends

The night air is nice tonight. I decided to do my writing on the deck while Jilda rustles up some supper. I offered to cook the cornbread but she was already pouring up the corn meal so I decided to write.
The half moon tonight has a ring around it.....making it look like a winking bulls eye. Usually when there is a ring around the moon, rain is on the way. The Weather Channel confirms my country forecast.
I've started preliminary work on the Best of Life 101. I'll be asking a few of my friends to send me their "pick of the litter". It's interesting to me what people enjoy. I'll write something that I'm proud of and nobody comments. I can write about an observation or a walk down memory lane and I get comments, letters, and phone calls. I guess the really good writers instinctively know what people will like and simply write that stuff. It is a mystery to me.
Next week (December 2nd) will be my one year anniversary. I've written every day....OK, it might be a stretch calling some of the entries "entries", but I'm doing it none the less.
My friend Dale told me a long time ago that writing can be a chore. "If it were easy...heck, everybody would have a best seller," he said. Some days the words flow like pure water from an artesian well and other days trying to get a decent sentence out of the keyboard is like pushing a chain. It's the good days that keep me at it....that and notes from my blog friends.
So, if any of you that have read this blog before have a suggestion for an entry to include in the book, please let me know because I could use a little help of my friends.

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  1. Man, that's a task and a half. How on earth are we going to pick when all of your entries are great!

    It may take some time to go back over the past year, but I'll do my best to pick out a few (if that's possible).

    Let me know when the book is available.

    Good luck!


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