Saturday, November 11, 2006

New Blogger Software

Google Blogger has been bugging me to go to their new software so I converted over today. Please let me know if you see any problems with the new blog area, please let me know.
I've also been looking at Google Earth. I am totally blown away by this software/service. I was looking at Panama recently when I was writing about David Panama. I could not believe how much that area has grown in the last 30 years.
While I was scanning other parts of the globe, I saw tiny red triangles. I wasn't sure what they were until I clicked on one and discovered that it was a volcano. When you click on the red triangle, it shows you a picture of the volcano and gives you in depth information about it.
When looking at populated areas, you can seen an incredible amount of detail. For example I looked up the address of where I work in Hoover. Not only could I see the building, but I could see my truck....not a lot of detail but enough to know that it was my truck.
If you haven't downloaded the free Google Earth software, I highly recommend that you do it and give it a try. I think you too will be amazed.

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