Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday Fun

Most folks would think we were crazy but we spent our Sunday morning doing chores. We have a small utility room where the washer and dryer live. The TV was once in our living room but that was counter productive. We'd come in turn on the boob tube and watch it until it was time to go to bed. We decided to make it harder to watch TV so we moved it to our utility room. There's not a lot of space in there....just a small love seat and ottoman and the TV. The love seat is not that comfortable so you really have to want to watch something badly to endure the experience.
It is also Jilda's paint room and the room where all extra stuff gets stored so to call it a mess would have been a gross many states, it would have been condemned.
After our morning coffee, we tackled this room and threw away a truckload of stuff that was sitting there collecting dust. We were brutal.
After this room I tackled my office with the same enthusiasm. We cleaned the aquarium, light fixtures, front windows and one of the closets. By lunch time we were both whupped so we took a nap.
This evening we went to a friend's house a wrote a new song. The writing session started out amiably but soon deteriorated rapidly and before I you could say melody we were writing a song about an aging stripper. We laughed until we cried. Not sure where we would ever sing this song or who in their right mind would ever record it, but it was a scream to write.
Tonight we are settling in and we are going to watch A Prairie Home Companion. It should be a good way to close out Sunday.
Do something remarkable this week.

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