Saturday, November 04, 2006

Our Walking Path

I felt like Forest Gump today on my riding lawn mower. The late afternoon sun was warm but the breeze out of the north was cool on my face. I cut the entire field between the house and the barn. It felt great!
I also cleared our walking path down to the bluff behind our house. This path was once a little piece of heaven. It meandered gently down a sloping hill through huge Oak, Hickory and Pine trees until it ended abruptly at a huge rock the size of a Buick. The rock hangs over a crevasse with about a hundred foot drop to a creek below. I've spent many hours meditating on that rock. It's peaceful down there.
Then last year the coal company that owns the land let loggers cut the timber and turned our little piece of heaven into a wasteland.
But Mother Nature is almost like a human body. If the body is strong, it will endure a lot of injury and still recover. This past year small trees, shrubs, and all kinds of grass began to grow. Even though the large trees are long gone, the path is beginning to take on a new personality.
The loggers, who were upset that I would not let them haul trees out through my property, apparently took pains to make sure our walking path was destroyed. They piled up trees and other debris in the middle of our path. For the past year, I've been slowly clearing the way. Today, I cut and cleared the remain debris so that we can walk our path again.
Tomorrow I plan to get up and take a walk with Jilda and start making plans for next Spring when we'll plant wild flowers and maybe a few dogwoods to help it along.
I hope you have a delightful Saturday evening.

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