Thursday, November 23, 2006


For us, the nature of Thanksgiving has changed. Ever since the early 70's we have spent every Thanksgiving at the home of Jilda's parents. The turkey went into the oven before first light and cooked slowly as the rest of the meal was prepared in its time. Watching Jilda, her sister and her mother cook was like watching a dance.
The kids, grand kids, nieces, nephews, and friends began to show up around 11 a.m. and the volume level of the chattering and laughter sounded like a rowdy bar on Superbowl Sunday.
We would start jockeying for position just before noon and as soon as the blessing was said it was Katie-bar-the-door. When everyone got their food, the noise level dropped dramatically as we all stuffed ourselves.
Like I said this was the routine until last year. Jilda's mom passed away in early November and we were all still mourning during the holiday season. But this year, it begin to sink in. We placed a For Sale sign in front of the old home place yesterday which drove home the point that Thanksgiving, for us would never be the same.
Jilda started calling the grand kids, nieces and nephews a few weeks ago and everyone has plans that don't include us.
Ruby (Jilda's mom) was the gravitational force that kept the family together and now that she is gone, we are left to drift apart.
A friend called this morning and was a little stressed because their parents wanted all the kids to come to their house. "The house is small and it's a pain..........." "Let them have Thanksgiving at their house," Jilda counseled "you will be having it your house way too soon."
Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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