Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Old Cars

I thought for sure my old Chevy would sell by now but it hasn't. It has some things that don't work and a few rough spots which probably steered prospective buyers away. So this winter I'm going to put it back into shape and sell it in the spring when the weather starts warming up and people are getting tax refunds.
There's just something about warm weather that puts people in the mood to buy a car. This car is not for just anyone. It's big and powerful and sounds like a million bucks. Most young folks opt for new Mustangs, and foreign cars with ear splitting stereos and exhaust systems that make the car sound like a cross between a sewing machine and a mad mosquito.
But guys who remember the 60's and the muscle cars: GTO's, Olds 442's, Chevy Chevelle, Impala SS's, Cameros, Nova's, and Dodge Challengers and Super "B"s look at my old lust. I'm not talking about like.....I'm talking about lust. The Beach Boys sang about all our great cars from that era.
I've gotten away from working on my cars the last few years so it will be a change of pace to get down in the barn and spend some quality time with real metal.
My real fear is that when I get it back in tip top shape, I won't want to sell it.
Oh well. We'll see what happens next spring.

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