Thursday, November 30, 2006

Goodbye Aunt Jessie Ruth

The sky to the east this morning was the color of fresh butter. The winds out of the south felt more like April than the last day of November. The squirrels and chip monks were not fooled by the warm spell. They were scurrying around like banshees collecting seed, nuts and acorns. Parts of the Midwest will probably get snow and ice tomorrow but they are tight lipped as to what's in store for us.
We're headed to the funeral home tonight. One of Jilda's last surviving aunts passed away yesterday. She had Alzheimer's and the truth is, Aunt Jessie Ruth has been gone for a few years now. The last time we saw her she was in a state of confusion trying to place names to unfamiliar faces.
Jessie Ruth's husband, Uncle Raymond died several years ago during an Auburn/Alabama football game. Jessie Ruth made a hysterical call to Jilda's mom and dad with the news. We just happened to be visiting her mom as the call came in. We drove the few miles down there and stood in the kitchen drinking coffee as we waited on the coroner....we searched for words of comfort, but those words are rare. So we stood around making awkward small talk. The coroner arrived alone so Sharky (Jilda's dad) and I helped get Uncle Raymond out of the house and into the hearse.
Aunt Jessie Ruth was in the hospital when she passed away yesterday so the logistics were more simple but her death won't be any easier for her kids and grand kids who were left behind.

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