Friday, November 10, 2006

Off Day

The weatherman said it would be 80 degrees today but I don't think it ever got there. I was off today and spent my time getting things done. New tires for the truck, oil changed, hauling off garbage to the dump and taking a load of stuff to the Hannah Home (Charity Thrift Store).
Jilda had a painting gig for a new kid's store up in Carbon Hill and she asked me to run up and shoot a photo of the wall she had painted.
Me and Ol' Buddy headed west and got on the Appalachian Highway and drove towards Tupelo. I rolled down the glass and Buddy got in my lap and barked a passing traffic. "You git over here close and I'll bite your ear off," he seemed to be saying.
The sky was overcast and though the leaves were beautiful, when I tried to shoot some pictures, they looked muted.
After shooting the pictures in Carbon Hill, Buddy and I took the long way home. We turned south off of the old highway 78 and turned on highway 102 which goes by the Wolf Creek Wildlife Management Area. Ol' Buddy looked out the passenger window as if he were trying to memorize the route in case he had to find his way back alone. We were back in the sticks. I'm guessing these folks don't get Friday's TV programs until Sunday afternoon.
We stopped and got a chocolate milk shake. I thought it was a little pricey until I tasted it. The young girl making it put in three scoops of homemade chocolate ice creame. I got a buzz from the chocolate. It was worth every penny.
Tonight I went to see my high school team The Dora Bulldogs in the first playoff game of the season. It was a close game but Dora managed to win 21-14. I'm not sure who they play next week but each game gets more challenging. I hope we can go all the way this year.
Go Dawgs.

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