Thursday, December 04, 2008


Ol' Buddy is like a rock star at our local bank. Every time we turn into the drive-through to make a deposit Ol' Buddy gets beside himself. He starts wagging his tail and whining and by the time it's our turn at the window he's in your lap and heading for the retractable cash drawer.
Banking at that branch comes to a stand still as all the tellers come over to the window to howdy up with Ol' Buddy.
One of the tellers will say "here's Ol' Buddy" and all of a sudden all of the tellers are at our window. This is the time he puts on a show. When they say something to him through the tinny speakers, he will cock his head like the RCA Victor dog. When they complete our transaction and send the cash drawer back out to us, there is always a doggy treat in it.
Yesterday, Jilda ran by the bank that handles our business account. As she approached the window, Ol' Buddy became excited. Much to his dismay, there was not excitement from inside the bank and it appeared to him that they continued banking as usual. I'm sure the main thought running through his mind was "MONEY CHANGERS!!!!." When money drawer came back out, all that was in there was a receipt, which he promptly chewed up and left the damp pieces on the floor.
Jilda said that Ol' Buddy hopped into the back seat where he rode dejectedly all the way home. I need to have a talk with the banking team at that branch because there is one thing they need to understand - When Ol' Buddy ain't happy, I ain't happy. Either get right with the dog biscuits or we're taking our business elsewhere.

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