Monday, December 15, 2008


There's a spider on my desk. He may be a Brown Recluse but I'm not sure. When I eased over to the edge of the desk to have a better look, he scooted out of sight.
I'm a live and let live kid of guy, but when it comes to spiders in the house, I draw the line....he's dead spider crawling.
I need to introduce him to my chameleon. Last year we had a young chameleon who wintered inside. Every now and then if you looked really close, you could see him lounging on the avocado tree or checking the lemon tree for aphids.
By spring, he was a good sized lizard and he was ready for some sunshine. Mr. Spider is a different story all together. I've been bitten by spiders before and I can tell you first hand, it's not fun. When I did installation & repair work for Ma Bell, I crawled under houses daily. It was not uncommon to swipe a Black Widow or a Recluse off my coveralls when I came out from under the house.
Goodbye Brownie.

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