Monday, December 01, 2008

People of the Web

I was using "Stumble", a button on my FireFox Browser that goes out on the world wide web and grabs a website at random and serves it up on my computer. I use Stumble sometimes when I lack inspiration. More often than not, something will come across my screen that generates an idea for an entry. Tonight, I didn't really come up with an idea for an entry, but I did find a fascinating site that talks about seventeen people who did something remarkable on the Internet.
The obvious names were there, Bill Gates and Steven Jobs, but there are others with stories just as interesting.
Click here to see for yourself:

One of the people is the worlds youngest billionaire. I actually read the "Google Story" which is a very interesting book about the two young guys that started Google in a garage.
Most of us have witnessed this incredible journey. Enjoy.

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