Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Good Time Was Had By All

I'm not sure there is a more enjoyable way to pass some time than in the company of friends. This year, there was standing room only in our small kitchen. I'm not sure why people gravitate to the kitchen, but it is a fact of life. Had I know this when I was building my house, I would have made it all kitchen with a couple small bathrooms off to the side and a bedroom in a closet.
This year, the chili and hot apple cider were the hits. The sun came out today, but the wind out of the northwest would cut you in two so our buddies were ready for something to warm them up.
We just got through cleaning up the kitchen and storing the left-overs. I'll have enough stuff for lunch all week.
I'm whupped...and I'm on call starting at midnight so I'm signing off for tonight. Have a great Christmas week.
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