Friday, December 12, 2008

I Ain't Seen The Sun Shine........

I've felt like if been in Folsom Prison this week because "I ain't see the sunshine, since I don't know when". Today was different. By the time we had coffee and read the morning paper, the sun was filtering through the trees in our front yard. The rooster was basking in the sunlight like a dancer on stage.
The dogs get cabin fever so I put on sweat pants, a sweater and my new beret (I feel like I look goofy in it but I'm wearing it anyhow). As I slipped on my gloves, the dogs were ecstatic. When I open the door, it sounded like thunder. The deck was still slick from all the rain so they careened around like pinballs until they got in the yard.
It was still cold and I could see my breath as I walked toward the barn but it felt good to be outside and not under an umbrella.
When I got down to my meditation rock, I saw that the rains had revived the carpet of moss. The sun filtering down through the trees made the scene look ethereal.
My iPhone has a stop watch that I use to time my walks, but it also has a nifty little camera and I snapped this picture for you to see.
This picture does not do meditation rock justice.
After lunch, Jilda had to head off to work and I had errands to run. I ran by the high school and donated a copy of Thinking Big to the library. Sara York who is a friend we have known most of our lives is the librarian. I asked one of the girls who was there reading to shoot a picture.
I can tell you this - doing promotion work is a lot harder than writing. No wonder those folks make a killing.

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