Sunday, December 28, 2008

End of Year Stuff

As part of my year-end chores, I calculated our Net worth. It's a little depressing. Total debt is down, but our investments are hurting.
This subject came up Christmas night when we were visiting with friends. As I expected, everyone was pretty much in the same shape with the exception of our older friends. They have almost all their money in bank and they are holding some commercial property. Both are hard to beat right now.
I know things will get better. As the old song goes, "if you ever gonna see a rainbow, you have to have a little rain."
So I haven't dwelled on the down side, I've focused on what it going well. We and our families are healthy, I have a job, my book is selling, and despite all the doom and gloom, I know that things will work out. I am working on my goals for the coming year and I find that exciting.
It's back to work tomorrow, but it will be another short week. Most everyone else has vacation so I should get a great parking space tomorrow.

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