Thursday, December 11, 2008

First TV Interview

I was a little nervous this evening. I had my first TV interview on the local channel. The uncertainty was making my stomach do cartwheels. Jilda is an old hand at interviewing because she's done it so much in the past. In the past, we've done work for charities, festivals, art events, educational initiatives and other causes. She's a natural and usually does the media work.
She had to work this evening and couldn't go with me. When I told her I was nervous, she said stop being such a whiny-baby, you're a big boy now. I felt much better after she explained the situation in those terms.
As it turns out, the interviewer was Tommy Combs, a guy that I grew up with. His family, like mine, didn't have a lot growing up, but he has done very well for himself. He made me feel comfortable during the session and hopefully I kept the gibberish to a minimum.
The show will air tomorrow morning so the test will be watching to see if I made a complete fool of myself. Time will tell.

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