Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Happy Birthday Life 101

Tonight is the third anniversary of this Blog. I thought at first it would be an occasional missive but after the first few entries, I felt compelled to carry on.
Since December 2nd, 2005, I have written in some form or fashion every day. I know some days the entries were lame, but as I look back over my work, some are not bad.
It was this Blog, and the reaction of readers, that kept me going. Some time back, I had a co-worker go back and read selected entries and he told me that he learned a great deal about me. The fact is, this Blog contains the stories of my life. Obviously I left out some parts because this Blog is read by people of all ages and all walks of life so I do not wish to be accused to providing too much information. "Dang man, I wouldn't have told that!"
But there is a lot of stuff about the things I love, things I don't care for, my family, and my lovely spouse. I know I have written extensively about her, but I would never intentionally write anything to embarrass her. In fact, if there is ever anything questionable, I run it by her first before publishing. It is this kind of consideration that has kept her from slipping a packet of rat poison in my Tortellini Soup.
It was because of this Blog that I had the courage to approach The Daily Mountain Eagle about writing a weekly column. And it was those columns that are the basis of my first book. I am happy with the sales and I am grateful to all those who have purchased and/or plan to buy a copy of Remembering Big. I have started an outline for my new book with will be fiction. More on that later.
It is my intention to continue writing until I have nothing left to say. Thank you dear readers.

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  1. And we all applaud your intention and await breathlessly.


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