Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Spoiling Younguns

Our great nephews Stone and Breeze came over to spend the afternoon with us. I worked from home today and couldn't devote as much time with them as I like, but we had some moments.
Jilda picked them up just after noon and buckled them in the back seat of the Volvo and headed back to Empire. She made a side trip by her sister's house to pick up some gifts and to take the kids on a tour of the farm.
Her sister Nell, lives in Hull, near where the old mine tipple once stood. She has chickens and goats. Like us, Nell names all her critters and when the kids got out, they rode around the farm on the little four-wheeler truck. When they got to the goat pen, all the goats came running up to greet them. Some of the goats are as small as Ol' Buddy, but some are as big as a Toyota. The kids like the goats from afar, but apparently they freaked out when the furry critters got too close.
They wanted to gather the eggs, but Nell had already gathered them so they were a little disappointed.
When they arrived here, I was working, but it was time for a break. One of the first things they wanted to do was gather the eggs. I grabbed a small basket and headed out to the laying box. I was silently hoping the chickens had laid eggs today. When I looked in the box there were three eggs there. Breeze picked up one as gently as she would a small kitten. Stone gathered the other two and put them in the little basket. When we got to the back deck, Breeze and Stone both wanted to go in through the dogie door. "Have at it," I said. If they went in and out once, they went in and out a dozen times.
Jilda let them cut, design and bake Christmas cookies. The kitchen looked like the scene of a college food fight. Jilda also fixed deviled eggs which is a dish the kids love. I happen to love them too. Jilda fixed a dozen. I ate three, the kids at the rest.
When their dad came to pick them up, they had to show him the dogie door trick. He just howled. These are delightful kids and we both take particular care in spoiling them rotten.

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