Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Slow Down

There's an old cold rain fallin' tonight. I received a note from the mall saying they were out of my books. I had to get out and make a delivery, which in my view is a good thing. It was misty when I left, but by the time I got to Jasper, raindrops as big as marbles began to fall.
Darkness fell, so Ol' Buddy and I drove slowly eastward toward home.
Just before I reached the Warrior River, a rescue vehicle blew by me and that NEVER is a good thing. I rounded a curve and came up on a really bad accident. The rescue squad had not come to a complete stop when I drove up. People who happened upon the wreck were in the median trying to help the injured. I drove on by and began flashing my headlights to warn oncoming traffic.
Drivers were flying past even with the road slick as freshly mopped floor. I said a prayer for those in the median and I hope no one else got hurt.
It's the holiday season folks, slow down...arrive safe. Don't become a sad, sad Christmas story.

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