Monday, December 08, 2008

First Day of Vacation

My first day of vacation didn't work out quite like I had planned. I had several things planned but one of my co-worker called early to tell me something interesting. It seems a water main (a big honkin' water pipe) in the street in front of one of our data centers (not at liberty to say which one) burst. One thing led to another and before we know it, parts of our electrical system were under water.
There is a note of caution on every hair dryer you buy that says DO NOT USE THIS UNIT WHILE IN THE BATH TUB. The reason for this warning is that electricity and water are not friends. They don't play well together and when the do get together a mess ensues. Well, that's what happened at our data center.
Thousands of computers worth billions of dollars were chugging along without complaint until the water came. Then they became big ol' boat anchors.
Getting all those computers back up is a slow tedious process. When I called the Outage Bridge to see what was going on, other members of my team were swamped (put intended).
I really didn't have much planned this week except to promote my book, so I joined in on the call and helped.
I just got off the call a few minutes ago....after twelve hours with a phone in my ear. Hopefully things will stay up for the rest of this week and I can have some home-time fun.

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