Sunday, December 07, 2008

Christmas Tree

Today was a fun day. After coffee and the Sunday paper, we headed out to Pinehill Farms for a tree. The sky was practically cloudless and the sun felt warm on my face. I checked the temperature on my trusty iPhone and it said it was 47 degrees. When the wind blew out of the north, it made me glad I brought my jacket.
Pinehill was hoppin. I bet there were a hundred cars, trucks and SUV parked willy-nilly all over the farm.
Two gentle old horses stamped and snorted while they waited for the next wagon full of younguns to pile in. When the driver snapped the reigns, they eased off like a turtle on downers and pulled kids around the fifty acre farm. The grown ups hung out around the concession stand sipping hot apple cider.
We've been going to Pinehill for years so we knew the drill. We selected a tree close barn. That's where they tend to the trees that are dug up instead of cut down. We quickly picked out our tree and the lot man had two high school boys hustle over and dig the eight foot Leyland Cyprus.
I took the tag off the tree and went inside to pay while the kids dug. Five minutes later it was in the truck. I laid a five spot on each of the digger-kids and the lot man was waving me out the driveway. We were on our way home before most of the folks figured out what kind of tree they wanted.
I brought the tree in tonight and it always looks bigger inside than when it's outside in the ground. It's a pretty tree and we'll decorate it either Monday or Tuesday and I'll post another picture.
Hope you all have a great week.

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  1. Anonymous8:59 AM

    please post more pictures, i really enjoy them!!


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