Friday, December 26, 2008

Little Fishes

I dread having to eat the anchovy on New Years. Jilda chided me last year when I made that claim.
I wrote my goals out and the very last line I said "If I do not lose 20 pounds I will eat an anchovy." Jilda, always the mindful said, "You better be serious about losing twenty pounds, because I know how you hate anchovies and your friends won't let you forget that you promised to eat one of those little fuzzy fishes."
Here's the thing, I need to be hard on myself. I need to drop some weight. One of my buddies at works said, "just don't mention it, no one will know." But I'd know. There is no way I would "not" do what I said I would do. I have not lost twenty pounds so watch out little fishes.
Jilda is fighting off a cold so we are going to wait until morning to head out to Lynchburg. I'll try to take a few pictures for tomorrow evening's entry.


  1. We are all waiting to see the video of the anchovy eating episode!! I think there's a lesson there somewhere about making rash statements Rick...

    Ms Soup

  2. Try hiding it in some pickled herring. That might work.


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