Sunday, December 14, 2008

Looking Back

I met a lot of fun people today as I signed books at the mall in Jasper. Almost everyone of those folks said the reason they enjoy my columns is because I write about their lives.
I find that fascinating. I guess I thought my family was unique, but as it turns out, we were all in pretty much the same boat.
I have since learned that some people had more money, bigger houses, and better cars, but there were common threads that ran through many of our lives. Broken homes were rare. It was not uncommon to be disciplined by parents, teachers, neighbors and anyone else in authority. If you misbehaved, there was a better than even chance, you'd get busted and pay the price. We learned our manners, and we learned to work.
This environment was exactly what I needed and I thank the Good Lord every day that I had the opportunity to grow up here.
I guess I never realized that so many others who grew up in the south during the 40's, 50's held the same view.
I had a lot of people today ask me about writing the book. I told them to get in a habit of writing every day. I also told them that for the most part, writing is the easy part. Getting out and promoting it is the hard part. A book does no one any good if it doesn't sell.
Time to kick back this evening because tomorrow, it's back to the grind at work.

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