Thursday, June 30, 2011

And another thing

My blog-buddy Claudia is trying to attain the 100 follower milestone. She's so close that she can smell the barn (as the say out here in the sticks).
If you haven't visited her site, please do and consider following her. She is a lover of quotations and has some of the best ones I've seen anywhere.
Here is the link to her blog:


  1. I've followed Claudia for a long time. She is such a sweetie. I hope she gets her 100.

  2. Thank you Rick, you are a gem! And I know you Belle, you are one of the reasons why I blog constantly! Thank you both, you made my day!

  3. Claudia is also one of my blog buddies. She's awesome.

  4. I'm on my way over there now :)

  5. Hi there "Life 101"!!!
    You 're such a nice person!
    I've visited Claudia's blog and followed her already! Hope she gets her 100 soon!
    So glad I found you!
    Have a nice weekend!


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