Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tale of Two Roosters

For the last year or so, we've only had four chickens -- two hens, and two roosters. It wasn't a problem for a long time but when the roosters reached puberty, it got gnarly. They started fighting, they got into crowing contests in the middle of the night, and at times they challenge me...the hand that feeds them. 
More than once I've had to give them a little bit of the boot to keep them from attacking me. 
We've been talking about giving one of them away for some time, so today, we saw an old friend that has chickens, we offered one to him. He showed up this afternoon and took one home with him.
One of the hens is setting, and the chicks should start hatching by Tuesday or Wednesday. Hopefully we won't have more roosters.   
I like tending chickens. They provide an endless source of compost/fertilizer, they peck up tons of bugs, and they lay enough eggs for most of our family.
I hope our rooster likes his new home, maybe he will be the cock of the walk there.


  1. i grew up with a grandfather that loves cockfighting... so our mornings are too noisy with all the sounds from at least 50 roosters... imagine what our backyard and farm would look like.

    the good thing is we never run out of egg supply and chicken for dinner. and in college when we are legal to drink, we usually steal at least 2 chicken for our "pika pika"... hahaha...

    sorry grandpa... he died not knowing it... he lost count of the hens, anyways, he is only after the roosters... hahaha...


  2. Marsha Young12:05 AM

    Could not agree more, one old rooster (around here we call him the LOC - Lovable Old Coot) is plenty per household.

    Have a good weekend. - Marsha

  3. I love the chicks when they are small, so delicate and yellow puffy :)

  4. Oh these male hormones! LOL!!! But seriously yay that the other rooster got a new and good home! There's only room for one alpha cock of the walk in a harem of hens!! Yay for your baby chicks to come! take care

  5. My grandparents had chickens on their small farm and I remember my grandfather saying that only one cock was allowed in the hen house with all those chickens. Now I know why!

  6. chickens are so entertaining. my sister and her husband kept chickens for several years but after he died she got rid of them. they provided me with many a blog post though.


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