Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thirsty Earth

It's been some time since we've had a decent rain. After the brutal tornadoes on April 27th, the clouds moved on, replaced by a spring sun that's been as hot as a torch. 
We've been watering the garden every few days. I mulched, which helped, but the containers demand more. 
This morning when we walked, it reminded me of Panama which is just a few degrees above the equator. Down there, there was always a breeze, but it's as warm a heat vent in December. 
At 7 a.m. the humidity was as high as the temperature, but off in the distance I could see clouds. By the last leg of our stroll, a few drops of rain fell on the leaves, and some found their way to my face and I found myself smiling. 
Jilda had a routine checkup this morning, so while she was gone, I went to the porch, turned on the music, and wrote for a few hours.
By the time she returned I'd knocked out one piece and most of the second one. 
As we lunch, we could hear thunder off to the west. At least there was a promise of rain.
Afterwards I drove to the nursing home to see my mom and while I was gone, Jilda called to say we were having a monsoon. That was the best news I'd heard in days.
This evening when I walked down to check the garden, the squash and okra were rejoicing.
And for the first time in weeks, the earth didn't look thirsty.


  1. Hey Rick! Yeah, it's brutal hot and humid here as well. More like swimming when I go outside.

  2. Marsha Young8:59 PM

    Well, we have no humidity here to speak of, but it was 102 today.

    And it will not be likely to rain until NOVEMBER!!

    Welcome to Northern California.

  3. it's still devastatingly dry here.

  4. Yay for rain!!!! :-)Pot plants really do need extra watering - they wilt so quickly!! Take care

  5. We have a 30% chance in the forecast for the next several days. That is such a tease! Will we or won't we get any moisture? I'm glad you got some rain--we are all needing it!

  6. Good for you guys. We desperately need rain here in Myrtle Beach. Brush fires everywhere and corn is burning up down the road at the farms.


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