Sunday, June 19, 2011


I've gotten back into my routine this past week. We've walked every day, I've gotten down the the basics, and marked a ton of stuff off my todo list. It feels good!
I got up just before 6 a.m., started the coffee, and then stepped out on the deck to howdy up with the new day.
I decided to do some yoga while the coffee brewed. Even at 6, it was already warm and muggy, but I rolled out my mat, lit some lavender incense, found some yoga music on my iPhone and started deep breathing.
A nice breeze out of the west, felt good on my face and I got lost in the movement. I held  my poses for extended breaths. I did a plank, which is like a fully extended pushup. Your arms are straight and your back slopes down to your feet with no humpy-butt. I held the pose for 25 breaths. After breath 15 my arms began to shake a little, but I focused on my breath. 
Then all of a sudden, a horsefly as bag as a bat landed on the inside of my left arm, just above the elbow. He seemed to look up at me as if to say, "you're making it too simple dude." 
I thought a first he was just hanging out, but then that unmistakable sting shot up to my brain. I never quickened my pace, but simply picked up my right arm and swatted him flat as three-day old roadkill. He's now in horsefly heaven, or where ever they go. I placed my right arm on the mat and finished my 25 breaths.  
I'm not sure what it is about yoga that helps you to feel more centered, but it does. After breakfast when Jilda and I walked, the air seemed more fragrant, and the colors more vivid. 
I picked a blackberry from the side of our path and smelled it before popping it into my mouth to savor the flavor.
I'm not sure how or why I get out of my routines, but I feel so much better when I stick to them. 
This will be a week of writing for me because I did three interviews Friday and one on Thursday. I plan to jump into them in the morning, right after yoga.
Y'all have a great week.


  1. It's been reported, by people who study longevity and patterns in living, that people who have good patterns of work, sleep, exercise live longer. Also, people who are married live longer than single people.

    I live a stress free life and have patterns of life, but I'm alone. For me now, I'm not willing to get married to live a little longer. SMILE

  2. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Aw, I wish I could get up at 6 all relaxed. If only I didn't stay up so late! If my routine was like yours, I would not want to break it. ;)

  3. 25 breaths in plank! That is impressive!

  4. @Jennifer. My teacher taught me well.

  5. The yoga sounds painful so is probably very good for you! LOL!!!

    Yay for routines and enjoying the simple things in life - like munching on blackberries!! Take care

  6. I've slipped out of my walking and yoga routines and so need to get back to it. so hot here though.


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