Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yard Art

  We have some unassuming trees in our yard. They're Rose-a-Sharon bushes. We have purple one, and white ones. 
  This morning when we walked, I shot this photo of twin blossoms. I couldn't resist running it through one of the photo applications on my iPhone.  I was happy with the way it turned out. I call it Yard Art.
  When we walked I saw that not only the garden was revived, but the blackberry bushes seem to be thriving too. We stopped along the path and picked several berries that were as big as a penny jawbreaker. 
  I popped a few in my mouth and the flavor hit my taste buds like a good Cabernet Sauvignon. 
  After our walk I grabbed a basket and headed back down behind the barn and picked enough for at least two pies. I'm hoping Jilda does one over the weekend.
  I've run out of steam this evening so I'm turning in early. I will share video (about 3 seconds long) of something I saw today on my way home from the dentist. A thunderstorm swept through just ahead of me and blew down some trees. One big limb fell on a power line. I was stuck behind another vehicle but this actually came too close for comfort.



  1. Um-hummm I always suspected those darned trips to the dentist could be deadly.

    Glad you survived. ...Marsha

  2. Sometimes the simplest photos we take turn out to be the most lovely, don't they? And mmMMMMmm... blackberry pie. Did any get made? They are my favorite!

  3. Love berry pies :) Wish Jilda could send some over :=)

  4. Oh wow - that was some storm!! I hope everyone was ok after that shocker!! Oh dear!!! Please no driving during wet weather! :-)

    Aww blackberry pies!!! My mouth is watering - yay for Jilda!! Your yard art is lovely too! Take care

  5. Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!
    I just can't stop my mouth from salivating....

    P.S. No driving during terrible weather, okay? ;)

  6. I like the 'yard art'. I like blackberry pie too - we've got a while to wait until blackberries are ripe over here, but I'm making do with strawberries and raspberries from my allotment.

  7. Our Rose of Sharon won't be ready until atleast July or August, but the berries are coming on now..can't wait! Great little video too..scary..I hate lightning!


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