Thursday, June 23, 2011

Berry Kick

I must be on a berry kick. I talked about blackberries in my blog last night, today I wrote about picking blackberries in my column that runs in next Sunday's paper, and this evening, Jilda's sister called to say she has blueberries that must be harvested.
So this evening after the sun slid below the horizon, we picked blueberries. The bush was about six feet tall and eight feed in diameter. It was hanging full of berries.
We picked over a gallon and it still had berries-o-plenty. We were both whupped so we packed up and left before the skeeters started biting.
I snapped a shot and then made it into an art photo....Yes, I guess I'm on an art photo kick right now, what can I say.
Tomorrow morning, I'm going fly fishing. It's been over a week since I wet a hook and I feel the need to be close to the water.
I hope you all have a great Friday, and even better weekend. Do something remarkable.


  1. I've been typing June 1984 in Mom's journal. She's picking raspberries, strawberries and gooseberries most every day from her bushes and plants. I need to set out some fruiting bushes!

    Ya'all are so lucky to have fruit bearing bushes close. Plus, berries are very good for your health.

  2. Hey Charlene, we both love berries. We have a fruit/berry protein shake almost every morning.
    Some folks turn their noses, up at the thought of a protein shake, but they've never had one of Jilda's shakes.
    They are yummy.

  3. My kids pick blackberries every September. I don't think I've ever seen a real blueberry bush before. It's so pretty.

  4. Please please send some to Germany! I truly love them :)

  5. Hopefully amazing Jilda will turn some of these yummy berries into pies soon!! Yay!! Take care

  6. i haven't done any picking and fishing yet since i've been here in canada... hope to do it this year..

    have a great weekend...

  7. my son went blueberry picking last week, said the drought has really affected the harvest. lots of dried up berries and the big plump ones were not that common.

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