Sunday, June 05, 2011

Money Pit

I shot some pictures of the house today but the angle of the light was all wrong. So I did the only thing a guy can do, I Photoshopped that baby and made it more arty.
The only thing, it looks a little purple. The door is purple. It's been purple for years. When our niece Samantha, who lives next door was 10, she said to Jilda, "You know all the neighbors think you're weird."
Well, I certainly hope so. If they don't, it's been a tremendous waste of energy.
A few days ago I found Crimson Mandeville and hung two baskets from our new arbor.
Today we found Confederate Jasmine and we promptly scooped it up and planted it by one of the arbor posts. It will take a while for it to take hold and grow to the top, but once it does, it will be a feast for the nose and eyes.
My blog friend Ellen suggested that we get different varieties that bloom at different times. That makes a lot of sense to us so we are on a quest.
The potted trees in this picture go inside the great-room in late fall and winter. We'll bring them out again next spring after the last frost.
Since most of our front yard is so shady most of time, no grass grows there. Over the next few months, we'll be doing some landscaping to complement what we've done with the house.
We saw a really funny movie several years ago with Tom Hanks and Shelly Long called Money Pit. That movie doesn't seem so funny now :)


  1. In MHO you "arted" the house photo beautifully, it has a very dreamy look. The arbor is going to be lovely indeed.

    Money pit ;)

  2. So you live in the piney woods?

    I think being weird just is; effort not required.

  3. Looks great and weird is just another word for "interesting" boring neighbors here! I love the "money pit" movie, but all homes are money pits. I keep saying, "let's move to a condo"...I'm almost convinced I mean it!

  4. Yay for being weird!!! Weird is good!!! Weird ROCKS!!

    I love your purple door!!

    I do so remember the Money Pit!! Awwww wow - a very young Tom Hanks and Shelly Long!! At the end of the day as their home collapsed, they had each other - which was a lovely ending!! Bless!! Take care

  5. I had a friend who once said "if you love your house, it's never done"! Meaning you're always doing something to true...a money pit! Lol. I love your purple door et al, its beautiful!

  6. The Money Pit seems to be a great example for most home owners of how easy it is to have every spare moment of time and dollar in your pocket "invested" in your dwelling. There is something to be said for living simply, but chaos seems to rule the day, and eventually everything needs repairing or replacing--especially if the builders did a shoddy job to start with, which is why we left the house we had sunk WAYYY to much money into for the last 16 years.

    EVERY neighbor is weird, don't you think? and the purple door is inspired! What a treat for the senses! Why have you so many trees in pots instead of in the ground? Do you take them in during the winter months? Just curious...

    Lovely home, it totally fits what I expected it would look like.

  7. Beautiful job with the "money pit". haha. That was a great movie. I love your full length glass windows and purple door. Beautiful home.

  8. I think my husband believes my garden is the Money Pit. Haven't met too many plants I didn't love and want to bring home.
    Confederate Jasmine is a nice addition, had it all over my fence in Virginia, watch out as it will become quite large....trunk/stem the size of my wrist.

  9. Clearly your neighbors, nice folks I am sure, are a little lacking in imagination.

    But you and Jilda are making up for it! :) The shady look is very inviting.

    BTW - I laughed out loud at the comment you left on The Joys of Traveling. On most days, I am a fairly peaceful person, but NOT at airports. :)

  10. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Love the purple door and your photo!
    I believe all homes are money pits too...there's always something that needs money spent on it to get it done. But what a beautiful place to spend money on!

  11. Anonymous4:47 PM

    I love the front of your house! It is so welcoming. The purple door does direct a lot of attention but it also compliments the rest of the house. Well done on making the picture more "arty" :)

  12. Your home is lovely. I like all the glass and the peaked roof.


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