Monday, June 27, 2011


I mentioned last week that I was feeling a bit puny. I finally got around to going to a doctor today. I'd been putting it off because my regular doctor I've seen for the last 10 years moved his practice to south Alabama and I had to find a new primary care doctor. I really liked this doctor and hated to see him go.
As it turns out, there's a doctor that's much closer to where we live that takes our insurance. When I called this morning to schedule an appointment, the receptionists asked if I could be there at 10:30.
I was taken aback because it often took much longer to see the old doc unless I was hacking up a lung, or spewing blood from an apendage. (To be fair, they always asked if I needed to see the doc sooner).
When I got there today, I was given a ream of new patient forms to fill out and by the time I was finished, they called me back. At 10:30 the doctor walked in.
This is the first time I've used a female doctor but I felt comfortable from the first. She wasn't in a hurry, and asked all the right questions.
She felt that I needed steroids and antibiotics. I was out the door with my scripts in less that 45 minutes.
I'm not sure if steroids affects everyone this way, but I routinely see things out of the corner of my eye. Monkey's, dogs, aliens, and chipmunks, to name just a few things.
I also have bursts of energy that must be burned away.
So this afternoon while Jilda went to work, I rewrote three stories, cleaned up the kitchen, fed the critters, and weeded the flowerbed at the back of the house. All the time I kept swatting at mosquitos as big as bats, that flitted around in my peripheral vision. But each time I snatched my head around to get a better view, they'd go into stealth mode, so I never saw them.
Thank goodness the phone rang, because I started to change the oil and rotate the tires on my truck.
I could probably write a novel tonight, but I'll keep it short. I think I see a tiny goat hiding behind my speakers.


  1. ROIDS! They made me cranky- I got nothing done but ...being cranky. Get well soon whatever is wrong, make it go away!

  2. Never had to take steroids, so I'm no help. Most man made drugs have a weird effect on me though. Seeing things out the corner of my eye would make me crazy, but I could use some motivation.

  3. I would love to have that energy, but seeing stuff would be a little upsetting! I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. I hope you are better soon.

  4. Are you ok? One of my work colleagues is on steroids but he feels very tired and lethargic! Oh dear!!!

    Well - take it easy and rest! And say hi to all the critters you see! :-) x

  5. I guess I should have mentioned in the blog that a bit of sinus infection and joint pain that had gotten worse over the past month.
    I actually feel better today. Wait, did y'all see that?????

  6. I used to have that same burst of energy when I was recovering from a sinus infection. It's great for the to-do list, but hard on the body!

    Please be careful with those steroids. They are wicked on the body in the long run! I had a steroid shot for a sprained knee once and got so sick they thought I had lymphoma. Eventually the symptoms all disappeared, but it was not a fun time!

  7. There are quite a few non-steroidic anti-inflamatory drugs on the market. so maybe you should consider changing the doctor who has prescribed the steroids.

    Feel better soon!

  8. Funny post but hope you feel better!

  9. hi there... you got me laughing at this... have you tried asking your first female doctor if those are effects of taking those...


    anyways, good for you to see a doctor. as we all must do...

  10. I've never taken steroids, so I cannot advise you. I would recomend one of those Easy Off fan devices you canhang on your belt loop to get rid of real bugs!

  11. Ah ha, Thank goodness for "better living through chemicals" !!

    Glad you are feeling better. BTW - I am still laughing over that crack about knocking over a liquor store to pay for our new roof.

    So, if you don't hear from me for a bit, you'll know they nabbed me.


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