Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I've been putting off moving my computer since I bought it on Christmas eve last year. I had a Windows PC and it takes some time to migrate data from one computer to another so I left them both running. 
I simply set up a small desk...well, more like a desk-lette, on the opposite wall where I set up my new Mac. The idea was that once I got everything transferred over, I'd move the new computer to the old desk.
I dreaded it, in fact I'd rather have a root canal performed by a dentist snorting ether and using a masonry bit, than move a computer.
I have a rolltop desk. It's a beautiful piece of furniture, but getting under there and rerouting wires, is painful. 
Tonight as I was tracing wires, I found a power supply from a printer I haven't owned since Bush Sr. was in the Oval Office. It was still plugged in!
Also there were dust bunnies as big as a full-grown collie under the desk and behind the filing cabinet. 
I found things I'd lost years ago. 
Anyhow, I got it moved. The rest of the office is a mess, but I'll deal with that tomorrow. It feels good to be facing in the right direction...the world is back in phase now. 
I've lined up several interviews for Friday so the next several days will be intense. 
I think I can deal with it now that I'm facing the right direction.
Y'all have a great Wednesday.


  1. Ah ha! So there's that clever piece I wrote five years ago - it was behind my roll top.

    A likely story. :) The LOC (Lovable Old Coot) also has a roll top and sometimes he swears that either the dog has been at it...again, or I have been marauding where no wife should ever go.

  2. I absolutely detest moving a computer!! There are so many many many bits of wires to attach and reattach!!

    Yay that you did it though!!! And look at the treasure trove you discovered lurking behind/under/beside your desk!! Take care

  3. Did you find my car keys back there?

    I sent a letter to my internet security today for help in loading it on my new computer. Seems the day to get computers in order.

  4. great job... i'm an organize everything freak.. blame it on my mother... hahaha...


  5. I am glad you are facing in the right direction again. I was worried. :)


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