Thursday, June 16, 2011

Early Morning

I woke at dawn today. It was that time of morning where it seems too early to get up, but too late to fall back to sleep. 
I stared at the ceiling for awhile before I rolled out of bed. I made coffee and then stepped out on the deck for my first look at the day.
It was cooler than I expected. Not cool enough to wrap up, or cool enough to shiver, but since the days have been hotter than a poker, the coolness was a welcome change.
I looked off to the southwest and I could see the full moon through the trees. It looked like a searchlight off in the distance. 
I sat in one of our adirondack chairs and listened to the morning come alive. I heard crows, cardinals, and a barn owl. 
When our chickens hear any kind of movement in our house, they start crowing. I guess they don't want us to think they're sleeping on the job. 
I stepped down to the pen and threw out some cracked corn and filled their water jars before heading back inside.
Sometimes waking up too early is a pain and gets your day off to a bad start. But sometimes waking up early is a gift.


  1. i cannot stay past 6am in the morning no matter how late i went to bed. it was since high school (years ago, LOL!). it is always refreshing to see the sun shine... or i don't know but the smell of the newly brewd coffee is different when i'm having it early in the morning...

    bad you are definitely right, there are really some bad mornings...


  2. I get up about 6 most mornings. Sometimes I'll take coffee out into the yard and sit on a bench listening to the birds. I live in the middle of a city but in such a place that the hussle and bussle is not apparent.

    Thanks for your note. I could post on Jilda's blog today!!

  3. Marsha Young11:54 PM

    Sometimes waking up at ALL is a blessing. :)

    Glad your day got off to a good start. ... Marsha

  4. What a blessing to have such a wonderful start! I love mornings! Good morning Jim!

  5. You're right--early mornings are so magical when experienced outdoors. It's almost indescribable how enchanting it is, but you've described it so well that I felt like I was reading a good book.

  6. Oh to be a morning person!! LOL!!! I do wish I could be an early riser - esp during spring as that's when all the lovely dawn chorus erupts but I always never do!!! Yay for you and your fab chickens! Take care

  7. I'm usually a late sleeper but those rare times I'm up early, it's very nice.

  8. The delightful coolness of the early morning is one of my favorite things. It has been terribly hot here, too, but early yesterday was delightful on my new porch in the rocker. We were even blessed with a nice little bit of rain. A treasured day, indeed!

  9. Actually, Rick...that's my favorite time of the day!! There is nothing so pretty as a dawn (well, maybe sunsets rival...) and peaceful as sitting on the deck with breakfast hearing the birds sing! LOVE this time of the year! Glad you enjoyed your morning!!


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