Friday, June 10, 2011

Pushing a Chain

Sometimes writing is like pushing a chain! No matter what topic you start off with, your mind juts and jigs in every direction except where you want it to go.
I've worn the letters off my delete key tonight. Why is that? I'm not sure.
One thing I am sure of, you can't bake bread without dough.
When I've whined to some of my friends, they suggested that I cut back on the number of posts to one or two a week. 
For some that might work, but for me, that would switch my train to the Procrastination Express. 
So, what this means is that some of the posts will be lame, but some will be OK. The intention is for more to be OK than lame. Just saying.


  1. Procrastination Express? Good one, think that is what retirement is.....I prefer to think of it as flexibility to the max. Taking each day as it comes.
    As for posting every day, if that is your desire....go for it. Seems like you have had a pretty good run so far.

  2. I also have a compulsion to blog each and every day. I think it is some kind of perfectionist quality or something. I feel like I just cannot miss one day! I drive myself crazy.

  3. I don't feel compelled to blog. I feel compelled to read the papers every day and read a little before sleep evry day and drink coffee every day, but other than that, I suppose I am lazy.

  4. I finally gave up on the daily post. Too much to try to figure out what to write. I go every other day now unless something truly needs to be written. There's no law that says every day!

  5. Post away - tis your blog!!! yay! take care

  6. Whatever you decide, I'll still check you out every day. Your entries keep my mind zigging and zagging, so blog on!

  7. Well, sometimes "lame" just cannot be helped.

    Me, I'm lame because we keep getting run over.

    At least lame writing only hurts your ego. :)
    Right now, I can't turn my head.

    So there is lame and then there is lame. hang in there. -


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