Friday, June 17, 2011

Power Problems

We woke to a brownout this morning. About 4 a.m. the power took a hit and then kept pulsing on and off. Appliances love that. Air conditioners, freezers, and computers, all love being flipped on and off. It clears out the circuits and tests capacitors. 
I ran to the utility room and hit the main breaker to let the grid stabilize. I laid back down but the adrenalin kept the blood pounding in my ears like a bass drum.
I cracked the blinds so that I could see the outside streetlight. When It stopped strobing, like a disco, I flipped the main breaker back on.
Thankfully everything seems to have survived. When I bought the Mac computer, I bought an uninterruptible power supply. That's a device that takes over when the power goes off and gives you time to shut down the computer gracefully so that it doesn't harm the hardware (or software).
After I left to do an interview marathon this morning, the rain moved in and gave the yard a much needed drink. 
When I went down to check the garden this evening, it looked like the tomatoes had grown six inches since yesterday.
I've run out of steam this evening so I'm about to call it a day. 
Y'all have a remarkable weekend.


  1. And just when you are having such hot weather!! I think no "air" beats even the computer...but luckily you have a Mac! Hope things improve!!

  2. ow power problems are common to where i was... hehehe... but my mother is too good to buy as an emergency genset...

    and to add, it usually happens when u need it the most..


  3. I know I get brownouts here but always when I go to work. I return and all my clocks are blinking on and off and my fridge is a little leaky! LOL!

    Yay for your tomatoes!!! Enjoy your weekend! Take care


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